LT Supers OK Fire Truck Purchase

After discussion and disagreement, the Lawrence Township Supervisors voted to purchase a 2019 Pierce fire truck during their meeting Tuesday evening.

The truck will be built by Glick Fire Equipment Co. of Bradenton, Texas. The truck the supervisors had been discussing was sold, so Glick offered to build a new one for Hyde Fire Co.

The truck will be an 1,800 tanker with a 1,500-gallon per minute pump and replaces a 1993 engine tanker.

The total cost is $475,937. The township will put down $200,000 and then make five yearly payments of about $62,776.

Secretary Barbara Shaffner explained that it is a lease-to-own situation, and once the payments are done, the township will own the truck.

During last month’s meetings and this month, the supervisors discussed the truck and the need to replace the older truck, which will only last the fire company another five to six months.

However, they weren’t happy that the company wouldn’t bring the truck they were considering up to Pennsylvania for the supervisors and firefighters to look at.

Supervisor Randy Powell said he called other build companies and none of them were interested in building a tanker, they are all building aerial trucks.

Supervisor Jeremy Ruffner, who participated via speakerphone, asked if Powell had talked with 4 Guys of Meyersdale. Powell said he has not been happy with the company and said they don’t do well with repairs and would rather sell a new truck.

“Glick has been good with service—you call them and they’re here,” he said.

Ruffner also suggested putting the specifications for the truck out for bid and see what response they get, or give him the opportunity to call the companies himself, but Powell responded that they had been putting the matter off for too long and it would be nine months before they could get the truck as it was.

After a little more discussion, Ruffner made a motion to table the fire truck decision, but it died for lack of a second. Powell then made a motion to purchase the Pierce, which was seconded by Dan Mitchell. Ruffner voted no.

It will take about nine months for the truck to be built and delivered to Pennsylvania. Powell said they may need to borrow a truck for a couple of months before it is delivered.


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